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The Importance of ISO 27701 for European SaaS Companies

This post discusses the importance of adding ISO 27701 to ISO 27001 certification for European SaaS companies. ISO 27701 is a privacy extension that provides guidelines for implementing a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) to manage privacy risks and comply … Continue reading

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Lesson learned: How to kill an Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

If you’re having a rather dull afternoon at the office, and you happen to have an OVCA as your personal playground, you can always try this little trick to spice up your day: Point your browser to the Oracle VM … Continue reading

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Erase and Rewind – Redeploying Oracle Database Appliance (2.3.0 image)

After using an Oracle Database Appliance for a bit of testing, it was time to get it ready for production. I decided to start with a fresh deploy and re-initializing shared storage. Note that this is the 2.3.0 base image, … Continue reading

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No more iBooks for me

I’m not sure why I’m surprised to find that the DRM protected books I bought from the Apple iTunes’s Music Store can’t be easily read in any other way than by the iBooks reader app, available only on iOS devices. … Continue reading

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SMS generation have reached Oracle HQ

Oracle Database Appliance asked me to “pls wait…” during installation 🙂

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Back on the air!

Doli Capax is back on the air, running off of a Virtual Private Server in Frankfurt. I’ve decided to give a try, after both VPSLand and CloudPeople have failed to create a virtual server within 24 hours of ordering. … Continue reading

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