Remove password and watermark from pdf on Ubuntu 14

For this recipe we need ghostscript which is/should be installed by default, as well as pdftk and xpdf-utils:

apt-get install pdftk
sudo apt-get install xpdf-utils

If the PDF is encrypted with a password, remove it using xpdf-utils and ghostscript:

pdftops -upw PASSWORD encrypted.pdf
ps2pdf plaintext.pdf

Now remove the watermark with sed and repair it with pdftk, assuming the file name is plaintext.pdf

sed -e "s/THISISTHEWATERMARK/ /g" <plaintext.pdf >nowatermark.pdf && pdftk nowatermark.pdf output repaired.pdf && mv repaired.pdf nowatermark.pdf

Resulting in the finalĀ nowatermark.pdf without encryption or watermark

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  1. PDFWARE says:

    Hello Roy,

    Thanks for sharing the great tip.

    Best Regards

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