No more iBooks for me

I’m not sure why I’m surprised to find that the DRM protected books I bought from the Apple iTunes’s Music Store can’t be easily read in any other way than by the iBooks reader app, available only on iOS devices. Though, somehow I am.

I had a look at Requiem, but had no luck removing the DRM using this tool. Besides, it’s a little unclear whether this is presently allowed under Norwegian law.

Unfortunately, most new popular ebooks seem to be hassled down with digital restrictions of some sort, although at least the books from Amazone Kindle Store are readily available on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Mac iOS, Android and Kindle. Additionally  there is a web application, the Kindle Cloud Reader, making the books available on other platforms like Linux. It looks like the web app also supports offline reading.

The Norwegian ebooks I bought from stores connected to, and possibly other ebooks readable by Adobe Digital Editions seems to decrypt nicely with Calibre and some plug-ins.

At the end of the day; I’m not buying any more DRM books from Apple iTunes Music Store.

Oh, and I do love my new Kindle 🙂

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