Open source software alternatives for Oracle database

Here’s a very short list of open source server software that I have found to run smoothly with an Oracle database back-end. All will work with the free Express Edition.

Blog or Photoblog

While a bit of an overkill for a personal or small organization blog,  Drupal is just about the only tool I have found that works well with an Oracle back-end. Combined with the right theme and an image gallery, it should also be able to run a photoblog.  I really wish someone would adapt tools like Pixelpost and WordPress which both make it very easy to get a good looking site running. There was a project named orablog that looked promising, but appears to have been abandoned years ago.


I was genuinely surprised by how easy it was to get up and running with phpBB  on Oracle 11g XE.


Whether you are small brochure style website or an elaborate e-commerce site, Drupal should be able to accommodate most or all of your requirements. Although a bit of an overkill, it can even be used for something like a personal blog or photoblog.


Mediawiki which runs Wikipedia supports Oracle database. See my blog post on Installing MediaWiki 1.20.2 with Oracle 11g Express Edition to work around a couple of issues I had with the current release.

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