Fast track: Deploy EM 13c agent on Oracle Linux 6

Key steps to do an initial deploy of the Enterprise Manager 13c agent on Oracle Linux 6

Please note that my fast track posts are intended for lab use only.

  • Install OL6 or deploy VM template from Oracle
  • disable iptables
  • adduser oem
  • Give sudo access with nopasswd – requiretty  must be disabled (visudo)
  • mkdir /opt/agentHome
  • chown oem:oem /opt/agentHome
  • yum install make binutils gcc libaio sysstat glibc-common libstdc++
    • EM will tell you if anything is missing when you push the agent
  • ensure oem host can be reached by it’s default FQDN
  • push agent from EM web console:
    • setup.. add target .. add targets manually
    • enter FQDN of target
    • specify /opt/agentHome as the agent home directory
    • specify credentials for oem user (with sudo root)
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