Adding Oracle Database Appliance to ULN

At some point you may want to register an Oracle Database Appliance with the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network so you can get a critical security update, without running a complete ODA update bundle.

However, if you happen to be running ODA Virtual Platform (that supports running virtual machines), rather than the bare metal version (that does not) – you may be up for a surprise.

“This system profile has already been registered”

Your ODA appears to already exist on ULN!
But wait, no, there is no sign of it on your account. What is going on here?

At least in the early versions of the ODA software, Oracle forgot to update the UUID for registration on the ODA_BASE image after installation. This means that ALL database appliances (with virtual support, anyway) would try to register with the same UUID.

Well, now that we know what the fuzz is all about, it’s easy enough to fix:

First generate a new UUID

[root@oda1-base ~]# uuidgen -t

Then edit /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date-uuid and change the entry for rhnuuid to the freshly generated value

uuid[comment]=Universally Unique ID for this server

All set, just run rhn_register (or up2date-nox –register) and complete the registration.

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